5 Ways Multifunction Printers Boost Workflow

If you're on the fence about bringing your print environment into one multifunction machine, it's time to do a little more research to see just how it can make a huge difference in productivity and business.

The Pros of Leasing a Xerox Copier

Buying critical office equipment like copiers and printers is a major investment, and can seem like a big upfront payment. With continually advancing technology, you may also realize that your copier can be outdated quickly.

This is normal for making any major purchase (like a car, of course), but there are other solutions if you want to manage big investments and your company dollars differently. Leasing a Xerox copier or printer is a great option - read on for a summary of the pros of leasing instead of buying.

3 Ways Managed IT Makes Your Nonprofit Better

Operating a nonprofit organization is hard work, but very rewarding. While there are challenges to running a small business, they can sometimes be compounded by a nonprofit - there are different laws, systems, and functionality. However, new office operating solutions can make running your nonprofit easier and just as exciting as it should be.

4 Reasons Managed Print is a Good Idea

There's a ton of office updates that make a major difference to how your company operates. Integrating technology has taken many forms, and now it means upgrading solutions to improve efficiencies and workflows.

Business Operations Change with the Times

Things don't stay the same for long, and it makes sense because that's how business works anyway.

Do You Still Need a Printer?

Is the digital world taking over so much that your business doesn't need a printer anymore?

While it's true that almost everything has gone digital, you probably print more than you think you do - and much of it for necessary reasons.

We love digital life - emailing, document management, cloud sharing, collaboration - but the world doesn't operate entirely digitally yet, so you probably still need to stay hard copy enough to require a printer.

Xerox Apps that Save Time and Money

Xerox is today’s top copy and print supplier and for good reason – the company has partnered with tech across platforms to build accessible apps that any user or employee of any background can use.

Unlike some tech advances that make operations more complicated, Xerox has full suites of applications that are connected to popular software that employees are already familiar with to make adaptations and training quick and painless.

Why Disaster Recovery Matters

A disaster of any type can impact your business so severely that it might be impossible to recover. While not what we want to think about, it’s a threat that must be considered.

A debilitating disaster can mean a building collapse, a natural disaster like hurricane or earthquake, or a technological disaster like a data loss or hack. Disaster recovery matters because no one wants their business to go under just because of a lack of preparedness and recovery options.

Luckily, finding the right solutions and teaming up with a well-reputed company can save your bacon.

The Best Benefits of Managed Print Services

 Managed print services are one of the ways that any size business can improve budget oversight, reduce waste, and improve employee productivity.

How could you know if managed print is right for your business, based on size, scope, and growth?

We’ve researched some of the most mentioned benefits of managed print from a variety of businesses and industries. Read on for more.

The Best Multifunction Printer for Your Business

Your business operations rely on some critical pieces: effective equipment, efficient employees, and operational functionality.

One of your main focal points as a manager or owner is to confirm that you always have what you need to keep these elements operating.

This is when it’s important to control what you can, like operations and equipment.

5 Ways Small Businesses Benefit from Managed IT

We know that running your own small business isn't easy, and it's a constant balance between where to overextend to save and where to spend so things work properly.

Your growing business depends more on technology and security than any other generation of businesses before. That's why it's essential to get the right team to support you, and the right risk protections to support your clients.